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3 Ton Hot Box Trailer

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The Spaulding Mfg 3 Ton Roadsaver Hot Box Trailer comes in 3 different styles Air Jacketed or Oil Jacketed, as an asphalt recycler and hot box combo. It comes in either diesel or propane, and is automatic temperature controlled.

 The Roadsaver hot box was designed to save time and operational money for the end user. 

The unique hopper design was designed for asphalt to naturally flow asphalt to the rear door for less stress and shoveling for the operators.

The main advantage to the design of the Roadsaver is only ONE burner is needed to reclaim asphalt, where as others require two burners. The fuel and maintenance savings alone make this unit top in its class compared to the rest.

The  3 Ton Roadsaver  hot box trailer is made to last with heavy duty steel construction with a  hopper floor  made of 1/4 inch steel, 10 gauge inner panels,12 gauge outer walls, and a heavy duty frame.  Also, it has heated inner hopper ductwork fully heated, for more contact to asphalt for reclaiming.

The 3 Ton Roadsaver hot box can be equipped to dump asphalt out with the dumping hopper option, which comes equipped with 2 heavy duty cylinders to empty the hopper faster to speed up production. Some other options for the 3 Ton Roadsaver hot box are hydraulic top loading doors, hydraulic rear un-loading door, and safety lighting kits. Other options are available as well.

You can use the Oil Jacketed Roadsaver Hot Box for many different instances.

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Benefits of Oil Jacketed Hopper

Spaulding’s Oil Jacket 3 Ton Hot Box Roadsaver trailer hopper can be used as a reclaimer to reclaim asphalt or as a high efficient hot patcher trailer. Oil Jacket Hoppers are much more efficient, and require only one burner, compared to Air Jacketed hoppers, which require two. Having only one burner means half the fuel cost.

It is common, and good practice to replace your combustion chamber and flues once a year, depending on the amount of usage. With the Oil Jacket hopper, you only have one burner so annual maintenance cost is much less.

Oil Jacket hoppers heat up evenly. With Air Jacket hoppers you tend to get what are called “hot spots” what this means is the hopper is not heating up evenly and using airflow rather than the oil you get areas of extreme heat. This can burn certain properties out of the material.

The lifespan is much longer on an Oil Jacket hopper because the oil acts as a heat conductor to absorb the heat. The flame on the burner is not acting as the heat source for the asphalt, it is acting as a heat source to heat up the oil saving the steel in the hopper.


  • Arrow-stick – Incandescent or LED
  • Single Amber Strobe Light – LED
  • Dual Amber Strobe Lights – LED
  • Night Work Lights (2) – Incandescent or LED
  • Back-Up Lights – Incandescent or LED
  • Frame Mini Strobes – LED
  • 5 lbs. Fire Extinguisher
  • 10 lbs. Fire Extinguisher
  • 20 lbs. Fire Extinguisher
  • Mounted – Oil Jacketed Gravity Feed
  • 30 Gallon Heated  Tack Tank Mounted – Air Jacketed Gravity Feed
  • Spray System / Solvent Sprayer – Gas Motor & Pump / Spray Wand
  • Hose Reel – 30′ Hose Length
  • Pour Pot
  • Bulldog 500 Vibratory Roller
  • Lockable Holding Basket For Roller
  • Hydraulic Tamper Lift / Holder
  • Basket for holding Tamper / Roller  (24″ x 24″)
  • 12V Electric Hoist Wench for Tamper / Roller
  • Manual Hoist Wench for Tamper / Roller
  • Tool Box ( 21″ X 10.5 X 8.6)
  • 5 Piece Tool Holder
  • Water Jug (15 Gallon) & Holder for Jug
  • Hand-Held Propane Torch
  • Holder For 20 lbs. Propane Tank (For Hand Propane Torch)
  • Hose Reel For Propane Tank And Torch
  • Electric Overnight Heat
  • Spare Tire
  • Spare Tire Mounting Bracket
  • Catwalk and Step for Easy Hopper Access
  • Warning Triangles
  • Wheel Chocks & Holder for Chocks
  • Water Separator Fuel Filter
  • Cone Holder


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