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Tough, Reliable Asphalt Hot Boxes, Trailers and Equipment

Our equipment, including Asphalt Hot Boxes, Asphalt Patch Trailers, Asphalt Auger Trucks, and more, are all designed to save you money on energy and maintenance while INCREASING production rate. 

About Us

Asphalt Equipment with Dedication to Quality

For over thirty years Spaulding has created the highest quality equipment. Everything from asphalt hot boxes, asphalt recyclers, and chassis mounted hot boxes. As a road maintenance equipment manufacturer, our goal is to produce solutions that include innovative engineering and fine craftsmanship. Our staff members actively explore new ways of using the latest in cutting-edge technology.

We create asphalt hot boxes and slip-in units in a variety of sizes and variations to suit any job. We also provide high quality equipment repair tools. Watch our product demonstration video for a detailed explanation of one of our most popular trailer models.

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Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Spaulding Mfg uses high-grade quality steel on all of its hot boxes. With our frames mad of 6 x 2 x 5/16″ Tubing, and our hoppers constructed of 10 gauge inner panels and the shoveling floor 1/5″thick for no warping.

Gravity Feed Design

Spaulding Mfg’s trailers are designed for the operator’s ease of use. The hopper has a front sloped 48-degree angle to keep material flowing naturally to the rear to the operator.

Even Thermal Heat

Spaulding Mfg Oil Jacketed Hopper design ensures your hopper will heat up evenly and have no hot spots burning or destroying your material.

Fully Insulated

All of Spaulding Mfg’s units come fully insulated with 1″ ceramic insulation including the top doors and rear door ensuring your material stays HOT.

Spring Loaded Top Doors

Manual Top Doors come spring-loaded for ease of use when opening. Making it easy for any operator.


Spaulding Mfg has many different options to fit customer’s needs to do the exact job the right way.

Our Newest Asphalt Equipment

The Best Asphalt Trailers, Slip-Ins and Truck Mounts

Explore our new top of the line asphalt equipment. We are confident you will find what you are looking for and that our dedication to quality, efficiency and durability will speak for itself.


Municipalities Have Better Roads with Spaulding

Let us help you create better streets for your municipality, with equipment you can rely on and a team with experience that knows what needs to be done for your projects to be done efficiently and effortlessly for the best price.


Our equipment comes with many options, allowing customized tools and equipment to meet your specific needs.


Our experience working with municipalities enables us to assist decision makers in the many facets of a job well done.


Our durable, energy-efficient equipment saves money in its longevity and saves time with less break-downs.


We know the responsibilities of municipalities and the hoops they need to jump through, and have a seamless process to assist them.

What We Bring to The Table

Over 40 Years of Excellence in the
Asphalt Industry

Discover below how Spaulding Mfg has consistently created top of the line asphalt equipment while driving industry advancements with continuous innovations and a commitment to quality.

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust the equipment you are getting has passed the test of time, with continual improvements to make the best asphalt equipment possible.

Our equipment is built to save you money, employing the latest technologies to enhance performance. Our asphalt hotboxes are especially designed to increase production rates while reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Our equipment features heavy-duty steel construction, full insulation, and a gravity feed design for operator ease as well as spring-loaded manual top doors.

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How We Work

Our Equipment Design

These are four of our best designs. Make sure to click under each one to learn more about these amazing machines.

1 .
Asphalt Hot Box

Our Roadsaver Asphalt Hot Box stands as a top-of-the-line piece of equipment, offering versatile applications and the efficiency of a single burner, which significantly reduces fuel costs.

2 .
Auger Trailer

Similar to the Roadsaver Hot Box, this auger trailer features a high-power hydraulic auger for rapid asphalt emptying. With triple-walled hoppers and three burners for even heating, as well as hydraulic loading top doors for streamlined asphalt loading.

3 .

The Slip-In model offers both standard dumping and auger options. It features convenient curbside digital controls for temperature adjustments and is customizable for safety and performance enhancements, such as light kits, overnight heating elements, and Oil Jacketed hoppers.

4 .
Truck Hot Boxes

Tailored for versatile asphalt delivery, this heavy-duty solution comes in 4 to 10-ton capacities. Featuring customizable options, robust construction, and advanced heating.

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