When choosing between the two types of hoppers it can be confusing to some who are not real familiar with Oil Jacket hoppers. There are some substantial differences between the two, and we want to help you make the best decision possible to suite your needs.


Spaulding's Oil Jacket Roadsaver hopper can be used as a reclaimer to reclaim asphalt or as a high efficient hot patcher trailer. The hopper comes standard with one burner unlike Air Jacket hoppers that comes standard with two. The reason being that one burner on an Air Jacketed hopper is not enough BTU's to reclaim asphalt. Also having only one burner means half the fuel. When fired the burner consumes around 3/4 of a gallon per hour, add that up over the course of a year, and with an Oil Jacket only using one burner to reclaim, you have a substantial savings.


When you have two burners you have two areas on the hoppers now that are a maintenance area. It is common, and good practice to replace your combustion chamber and flues once a year, depending on the amount of usage. With the Oil Jacket hopper you only have one burner so maintenance cost are much less yearly.


Oil Jacket hoppers heat up evenly. With Air Jacket hoppers you  tend to get what are called "hot spots" what this means is  the hopper is not heating up evenly, and using air flow rather than oil you get areas of extreme heat. This can burn certain properties out of the material.


Air Jacket hoppers do not last as long as Oil Jacket hoppers in terms of life ability. The lifespan is much longer on an Oil Jacket hopper, because the oil acts as a heat conductor to absorb the heat. The flame on the burner is not acting as the heat source for the asphalt, it is acting as a heat source to heat up the oil saving the steel in the hopper.


• Oil Jacket hoppers only use one burner. Saving a  substantial amount of fuel per year.


• Oil Jacket hoppers heat up evenly, no hot spots, resulting in    no burning of asphalt.


• Oil Jacket hoppers lifespan in substantially longer.


• Save Money and time in maintenance cost.


• Burner does not run as often for patching, once oil is hot it holds heat much longer.


• Air Jacket hoppers heat up unevenly resulting in hot spots that tend to burn materials.


• Use two burners to reclaim, using much more fuel                    throughout the year.


• Air Jacket hoppers do not hold heat as long as Oil Jacket, resulting in more fuel burned to maintain temperatures.


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