spaulding crack sealer, crack sealing, hot rubber, asphalt crack sealing, asphalt crack filling, crack filling
spaulding crack sealer, crack sealing, hot rubber, asphalt crack sealing, asphalt crack filling, crack filling


When it comes time to save your roads by filling cracks, the Spaulding Crack Sealer is a machine that makes this chore fast and efficient. The Spaulding Crack Sealer comes in two sizes, 125 and 225 gallon, and can melt down any road grade rubber sealant for crack sealing on the market. The machine is Oil Jacketed and designed in a way to melt down materials to the materials specification. The Oil Jacketed drum heats up evenly, making for a evenly heated area so there are no "hot spots" in the drum burning properties from the material. This oil-jacketed system is fully insulated, and is designed to keep material at correct temperatures for long periods of time. Material is injected into cracks at around 390 degrees for a perfect injection.


It comes with a heavy duty pump in a heated cabinet, designed to keep material hot while pumping at all times. The plumbing is set to recirculate material during melt down for faster melt down times of material, so you're laying down sealant faster. The drum has a high powered hydraulic agitator for agitation of material. The hose is a fully insulated 110V heated hose designed to keep rubber hot so no plugging occurs. Every area of heating comes with a digital controller for temperature readout, material, oil, and hose.


An array of safety and performance options can be included on a Spaulding Crack Sealer. Overnight heat elements can be directly set into the oil drum for faster start up times, so your crew is getting to work faster. We have a list of options available ranging from safety light kits, propane torches, and on board air compressor systems.




• Heavy Duty Steel Construction

• Continuous Welds

• Automatic Digital Controller

• Electric Brakes

• Tandem Axles

• Commercial Rated Tires

• Adjustable 12-Position Hitch

• 125,000 BTU Burner for Diesel

• Fully Oil Jacketed Drum

• Insulated Walls

• Heated Electric Hose

• Lightweight Easy to Use Wand

• Easy Start-Up And Shut-down

• Constant Agitation

• Curbside Controls

• NATM Compliant


• Fire Extinguisher

• Automatic Start-up

• Overnight Heating System

• Toolbox

• Dual Hose for 2 Operators

• On Demand Pumping System

• On-Board Air Compressor

• On Board Heat Lance

• Strobe / Arrow Light Kit

• Propane Torch Holder