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Repairing asphalt is more than the throw & go process, to really make a patch permanent. Spaulding Manufacturing has successfully created, and maintained, a quality crafted Vibratory Roller. The Bulldog 500 is a heavy duty steel constructed vibratory roller made to compact asphalt at 850 psi. With continuous welds and a 3 horse Honda gasoline engine, the Bulldog is lightweight, but powerful. Additionally, it includes a built-in water tank as well as a 3 point adjustable position handle and adjustable tensioner on the belt. Also the Bulldog is LIGHTWEIGHT, at only 105 lbs. The Bulldog's lightweight design makes it easily maneuverable to any size person.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Continuous Welds
  • 3 Horse Gasoline Engine
  • 850 lbs. of Compaction
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • 36" - 3 Position Handle
  • Built-In Water Tank
  • 105 lbs. in weight