Spaulding Manufacturing is an ambitious and admirable company located in Saginaw Michigan. They constantly improve their business, making for a durably built and noble road maintenance equipment company. Spaulding stands strong to their competitors because of their abiding family commitment to producing supreme quality road maintenance equipment. For over thirty years Spaulding has been dedicated to bring the highest quality equipment with  innovations and superior crafting. Spaulding carries an adept and hardworking staff that is always exploring the newest cutting-edge technology. We manufacture many different makes and sizes of asphalt heating trailers giving the customers ample amounts of vehicles and variations to choose from. Spaulding exceeds in road maintenance vehicles because of the boundless customization for their vehicles, to give their customers the best repair tools, with the best prices. We carry excellent Road Maintenance Vehicles (RMV) including: Asphalt Hot Patchers, Auger Trailers, Chassis Mount Trucks,  Crack Sealers, Melting Kettles, Tack Tanks, and Compact Vibratory Rollers. The vehicles made by Spaulding are crafted for ease-of-use, supreme quality, and longevity. Spaulding understands what the customers want, and continue to make products for the people.